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Lets talk about sex

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

As a couples therapist I always find at one time or another the topic of sex comes up with my clients. Sex gets attention because it’s such a critical aspect of an individual’s health and well-being, but it may also be the most misunderstood. While some sexual issues can be solved with a relaxing holiday or a talk between partners, some sexual problems can only be addressed with sex therapy.

As a trained counsellor I have relevant training and experience in working with both individual and couples. Couples invest in it because they might not be enjoying the sexual intimacy they once had. A woman might want to find a cure for painful sex, or a teenage boy may be worrying about his seemingly endless obsession with online porn. These are just some of the difficulties that sex therapy may be able to address.

Other common sexual issues that can be seen by a sex therapist may also include: premature ejaculation, orgasm difficulties, erection problems, delayed ejaculation, sex addiction, porn addiction, low or no libido, and sexual fetishes that may already be harmful or bothersome to the person and/or society.

Some interesting facts and figures from the Great Australian Sex Census: 1 in every 2 persons in Australia has experienced sending a nude selfie via their mobile phone. Moving images are also quite popular, with 30.3 percent of Australians admitting to having made a sex tape. Threesomes (25.9 percent) and rough sex (19 percent) get the thumbs-up while fake boobs are a turn-off for more than 50 percent.

Some people don't even need to have established problems to seek sex therapy. Couples who just want to improve their stable sexual relationship, for instance, would find engaging in sex therapy beneficial.

It should be pointed out sex therapy is like any other kind of therapy. Everyone keeps their clothes one and there is no inappropriate behaviour. Ultimately if the client is willing to do their share when it comes to the information, recommendations and action steps given to them the benefits to a committed and loving relationship are worth the effort.

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