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Online counselling - simple, safe and convenient

Need to speak to a Counsellor but can’t get find the time to make a face-to-face appointment? Even before the advent of COVID, many counsellors have been offering video and telephone counselling and the number of clients taking up this option continues to grow significantly.

Studies show online therapy requires 7.8 times less of a therapist's time than face-to-face treatment, meaning therapists can often treat more people online than they can in-person.

Other benefits over traditional face-to-face treatment:

  • You can do it anywhere that you feel safe and secure, including your office, home, even your car.

  • People in rural areas or those with transportation difficulties may have easier access.

  • Most online therapy services cost less than face-to-face treatment.

  • ·Scheduling is more convenient for many people.

  • Clients don't have to worry about seeing people they know in the waiting room.

  • It can be easier for some people to reveal private information when they're sharing it online.

  • Individuals with anxiety, especially social anxiety, are more likely to reach out to an online therapist.

There are many options available, you can choose the one which you feel most comfortable with --phone therapy, video chats, live chats, audio messaging, or text messaging.

If you would like to know more about online therapy and how it might be a good option for you feel free to make contact for a no obligation chat about your requirements. Contact Simon on 0423 382 447 or email

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