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Anger Academy

When you hear the term 'anger issues', you often think its a mens problem right?. But you might be surprised to hear that women can have difficulty with controlling their anger as well.  Anger Academy-is an anger management program designed specifically for people who are finding anger to be a problem in the personal relationships.

Delivered over four weeks the program provides practical tips and insights into managing your anger including:

• How to recognise that anger is an emotion that can be expressed safely.

• To recognise personal anger triggers and strategies to assist with these.

• To learn communication, assertiveness and other skills to help manage anger.

Please note this group is designed to be provide psycho-education and support for men and women whose personal lives are impacted by anger issues. It is not suitable for those under a court diversion order or as a substitute for counselling. If you are unsure if you should attend, contact us and we'll help you to assess if this workshop is for you.

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